Choice of signage used for retail branding

Retail signage is one of the first things customers see when they visit the Retail store. For brands to effectively draw customers in and direct them through the store in a manner that’s efficient and lucrative, the brand first needs to become an expert in the fine art of retail signage. Whenever a brand decides on retail branding, one important choice to make is to decide on materials to use for signage. There are typically three broad classifications. We will discuss the pros and cons of them.

  1. Acrylic Signboard Signage
  2. Flex Boards Signage
  3. Glow Sign Box Signage

Acrylic Signboard Signage

Acrylic Signboard Signage is durable and suitable for outdoor Advertising. It’s a plastic material that gets illuminated when light passes through it. Acrylic signages offer a robust and premium display and are typically appreciated for their long life. The material can be weighty because of its density, so it may need additional connectors and anchors to keep it from falling away from its installation point. These are mostly used by a chain of salon brands, retail clothes brands, and other premium retail chains. 


  • Their appearance is quite pleasing to the eyes, which gives a premium flavor to the brand.
  • Long-life requires no major maintenance for the initial 3-4 years. 
  • Appearance can be taken to significantly fascinating levels with the creative use of lighting and acrylic materials.  
  • Rust-resistant (Pro Tip: Use of aluminum in the back frame instead of iron.) 
  • Good quality acrylics can retail color for 4-5 years. (Insider Info: Colour oxidation rate is much slower) 


  • If acrylic crack or chip, it typically needs to be replaced, as the material is challenging to repair.
  • More expensive compare to others

Flex Boards Signage

Flex board is a material that is designed specifically to accept the flex material bonding. Flex board printing is the safest and most durable way to apply your printed flex material to a banner or a sign rather than to clothing or other similar mediums. Flex boards refer to flex mounted on the iron/aluminum frame. These are the most widely used signage configurations in India. The distinct benefit of these boards lies in their finance. These are popularly used for dealers and shop boards by FMCG companies, cement, tire, lubricant. 


  • These are easy to install and economical. Due to lightweight, they can be installed with ease at almost every place. 


  • Don’t give the premium impression

Glow Sign Box Signage

Making a great first impression on a prospective customer is extremely important for a Brand. And that impression needs to convey a sense of trust, good quality of services, and a fair deal. The production of Global Sign Box typically consists of a 3D metal cuboid frame fitted with tube lights. The sides and the back portion of this frame are covered with a metal sheet, and the front side is mounted with flex. Inside lighting gives a premium appearance to Glow Sign Box signage. The Banking and Telecommunication Sector most widely use these.


  •  Offer a robust and premium display.


  •  It isn’t easy to attain sharp curves and edges with good finishing in Global Sign Box. 
  • Maintenance of Glow Sign Box Signage is a challenge. Typically, they require maintenance every 18 months.
  • Installation cost is more than that of flex boards as they are fragile and are to be handled with skill during installation.

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