Advertising A new – Life after lockdown

India has been among the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. And while the situation has disrupted individual lives, it has also wreaked havoc on the national economy. The much-needed lockdown added to an already worsening situation. Businesses, irrespective of their stature, had to cut back their expenditure, layoff employees, shut manufacturing facilities, and even cease operations altogether. India Cements, BHEL, Maruti Suzuki are among big names who had to shut down temporarily. Businesses all over the world witnessed exceptional slowdown. Amongst all this, the marketing verticals of companies went through a seismic shift. As consumers spent their days locked…

A New We – Introducing Our New Look

There’s no doubt that this pandemic has crippled the world with fear and uncertainty. In a hopeful light, however, it has also slowed down our aggressive pace and bought us time to possibly reflect, change, innovate, and do better. This, for sure, wasn’t possible otherwise. Like all of us, we, at Hannu, found ourselves going through an insidious loop of negative news. But what we did differently is - we immediately started working on breaking that pattern and constructing something positive. Truth be told, we had every reason to indulge as Hannu had completed - a quarter of a century…

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